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Color in Spinning

SKU: 0602407 $29.95
In this day and age, when we are deluged with titles purporting to be "the complete book of...," here is a book that might accurately have been titled The Complete Book of Color in Spinning. Drawing on 20 years of experience learning and teaching color techniques for hand spinners, the author, Deb Menz, has created an essential manual for any hand spinner who wishes to add color to handspun yarn through immersion dyeing, painting rovings, blending, carding, and/or plying yarn to create a product unavailable in any store. Included are 150 color photos, line drawings, and a gallery of pieces incorporating techniques discussed in the book. A very practical book, with step-by-step instructions, dye formulas, and a good selection of self-study exercises at the end of each chapter; highly recommended for textile collections.